A large, global pharmaceutical company


This client made a decision to move to from a national selling and marketing platform to a model that had strategic planning focused in local markets that would be closer to customers. This was a new system for the company, since the skills and process for strategy building had previously existed only in corporate headquarters. The company needed help not only with the process, but the skills that would make it possible to implement.



We were involved with the company each step of the way, helping them develop the tools and templates to be used in each phase of the strategic planning process, to building the varied skills necessary for marketplace knowledge, strategic thinking, and facilitating strategy building teams. After the initial build Phase we participated in an intense roll out to every sales manager in the Company (200+ personnel in four divisions –each requiring tweaks to the overall process), taking a lead facilitating role as well as an on-the –spot consulting role. During various times in the sessions we would consult with the District teams, helping them uncover better opportunities and think more strategically about their business.



The Company was able to standardize a new, complicated business model in a very short time (less than two months). Most importantly, they developed a way of planning in the fast changing healthcare market that achieved new high levels of intimacy and knowledge of how healthcare was decided in local markets, rather than “one size fits all” plans. Many of the Directors felt they had a much better grasp of the knowledge and skills involved in this new way of thinking thanks to our hands-on work with individual teams, and our strong knowledge of healthcare and pharmaceutical sales and marketing.