A mid-size, global pharmaceutical company


This client was a relatively small player in the U.S. pharmaceutical market, principally focused on a product area that was intensely competitive with multiple, similar choices on the market. Though the product was considered to be solid clinically, it was to be sold and marketed with far less presence than larger, more entrenched competitors. Our client had to differentiate to successfully compete, while keeping spending to a minimum to ensure profitability met stated targets..



We were asked to work with the department responsible for large, influential customers to assist with establishing differentiation in the customers’ eyes. We first established a customized baseline for measuring market performance (that we tracked over time). Through this process we found a weakness in the approach the company was taking in the promotion of the product, and where the sales and marketing group was considered less capable than the competition.

Once the metrics were established, we embarked on a two-year strategy and skill enhancement process for the team. We covered a wide range of competencies that would set the team apart from better-funded competitors, including unique skill sets not normally associated with sales personnel. We worked closely with management to ensure the process would take hold, and took a personal interest in the success of the team, searching for solutions that would achieve each individual’s goals.



The Company achieved dramatic increases in performance with large customers, moving from being relative unknowns in several large market research ranking studies to one of the top three. Customer perceptions of their products also increased significantly, with increased improvement on the metrics established at the beginning of the process. The department as a whole, and many individuals in it received recognition for outstanding achievement.