A mid-size, global specialty pharmaceutical company


This client had never had a formal strategic planning process for the entire company. Each department, each brand, and each country conducted their own version of planning. This led to several challenges in developing coordinated strategies, budgets, and timelines. The Company also needed a more strategic mindset and capability to achieve the long term objectives they had set in place to coincide with this new planning process.



We took a hands-on approach with the client, not only overseeing the development of the global strategic planning process, but also working individually with key executives to envision strategies that would set the company apart from the competition. This included training the top 150 executives on the skills involved in thinking strategic, and critically about the business. Given the project was going to generate significant change in business process and operating style, we also developed and implemented a change leadership process that prepared the team for the opportunities and challenges it would face in the coming years.



The Company created common planning processes and templates for use across all of the geographies and functions. This was considered to be a major accomplishment, given that in only nine months the company was able to achieve this from a state where every function ran strategy independently, if at all. The company now had a planning process that linked strategy creation to budgeting which ensured the company puts its financing into the most critical initiatives. Many executives felt our work with them resulted in their personal professional growth. The project resulted in a doubling of company size during the period of engagement that ultimately led to a successful sale.