Consultants abound in service to ‘big pharma’ and healthcare industries, and none, in my view, has ever delivered the value Mark has. Both brilliant and accessible as a person, with high expectations for himself and others, Mark was born to provide a sophisticated level of guidance during complex times in the healthcare system. He's that effective as an instructor, coach, and guide.”

Linda Clark-Borre

I’ve worked with Mark for over 20 years and always saw him exploring new ways of driving business and creating value for customers. His ability to think through a situation and determine the best course of action stands above the crowd. The depth of his client relationships and their loyalty to him over the years is a testament to his commitment to their business success.

 Colleen Bevenour
Vice President
Performance Development Group

Our company was embarking on one of its most important and most challenging initiatives-- rolling out a new corporate strategic planning process across the organization to 3,600 employees worldwide. In addition to building the process, and helping us think through the actual plan, Mark’s powerful strategy training helped all levels of the organization understand and embrace the new corporate paradigm. Not only was the implementation successful, the organization had a renewed sense of camaraderie and focus.

Meredith Bilow